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The Lone Star Living Bouquet™

Lone Star Living is the first floral bouquet dedicated to celebrating your Texas life. From memorable holiday occasions to those special everyday moments, you share you life with people and in places that are important to you.  This is simply about enjoying everyday life,  and discovering ways to create smiles on the faces and brighten the spaces that you love.

Each bouquet is handcrafted to bring out the colors of the season, and designed to be long lasting for your active Texas life.

The Lone Star Living Bouquet™ is exclusively crafted for, and only available at HEB® Stores.

DIY: Valentine’s Day Mason Jars

DIY: Valentine’s Day Mason Jars

It seems lately as if Mason Jars have taken over everything! Well, we can't blame them. Here at Lone Star Living, we're absolutley obsessed when it comes to mason jars! Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, we've decided to sweeten up our mason jars and...

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